variety of mattresses for kids, guests and master bedroom sleep sets including innersprings and memory foam styles 



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Bedroom, Living Room, Sofas & Seating groups, Tables, Chairs and Dining Room Groups from 8 different manufacturers



Furniture stores can do one of two things...

Either they can invest in high cost advertising, locate themselves in expensive retail locations, decorate their locations to make it seem like a home out of Architectural Digest and populate it with an overpaid, high powered sales staff or.....

they can cut overhead to the bare minimum, advertise by word of mouth or referrals, locate in a more commercial setting and by minimizing these unnecessary costs offer lower prices.

At Dream On, we've opted for the latter!

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Dream On has recently established roots on the Eastside of Indianapolis in a convenient warehouse district. 




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Flexible hours because we are there by appointment only to keep costs low.